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Follow Up: I Damaged an Airbnb
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I wrote the prior piece just a couple of days after the incident occurred and we were still uncertain of what the next steps would be but now a couple of weeks later after everything has been settled here is how it went down for our specific incident.

It Was Quite Easy

The homeowners are not local to Merida and use a property manager (PM) for meeting guests and upkeep of the property.The PM would serve as our point of contact during our stay. After the damage to the glass stove top cover was done and we had most of the mess cleaned up, we contacted the PM and told her what had happened. We were told that she would be in touch with the owners and someone would most likely come by the home in a day or two to assess the damage and help get a quote for the cost of a replacement piece.

After a couple of days the PM herself arrived to measure the cover area and look for the make and model of the stove. Of course this particular appliance was a German import and we struggled to find any information on replacement pieces online. After failed attempts to find any ideas of price online, we prepared ourselves for the worst.

Our week in Merida came to a close and we still had not heard back on the cost of the replacement but were told that the hosts were aware and would be in touch with us once they had a quote. We could sense that our hosts were quite understanding and we appreciated their forgiving demeanor. Still uncertain of what would happen next, we headed home.

Later Communication With the Owners

Once we arrived back home, Airbnb prompted us to review our stay. This was one of our best experiences with Airbnb as far as how easy going everything was from checking in and out, the beauty of the property, amenities and support from the property manager. Even though we had this unfortunate accident, we still hoped that the hosts would allow us to come and stay again on any future visits to Merida.

We were so relieved to receive this message from our host. Not only was the cost for the replacement lower than we had anticipated but they also welcomed us back and offered us a discount on a future stay. Needless to say, we can’t wait to return and have santoni Crossover strap slingback sandals GPEEeroa

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Send or Request Money on Airbnb

Here is what our step by step process through the Resolution Center on Airbnb looked like:

Reflecting on what we should have done before the PM left the property lead me to this quick checklist for the next time I stay in an Airbnb:


The outcome in this situation was better than expected and the resolution was quite seamless and painless. One key element for us during this whole situation was keeping good communication with the PM and our host. We can’t wait to return and now that we have seen what can happen in a bad situation are more confident to try other properties offered on the site.

Have you ever caused damage to an Airbnb? How was your experience with the resolution process? What would you add to my Airbnb checklist?
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The Department of Linguistics at Yale embraces an integrative approach to the study of the language, based on the premise that an understanding of the human language faculty arises only from the combination of insights from the development of explicit formal theories with careful descriptive and experimental work. Members of the department offer courses and conduct research in which theoretical inquiry proceeds in partnership with historical and comparative studies,fieldwork, experimental work, cognitive neuroscience, and computational and mathematical modeling. Faculty expertise includes all of the major domains of linguistics (phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics) and spans a wide range of languages, with particular expertise in Slavic, Romance, Australian, and Indo-Iranian.

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July 3, 2018
The award “honors faculty members at Convocation for their exemplary qualities as mentors.”

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June 18, 2018
As a Presidential Visiting Fellow, Stephanie has spent the past year at Yale teaching the Mohegan language and raising interest in language revitalization.

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June 11, 2018
Based on field research and a translation of the Bible, Joshua’s paper investigates the difference between the first-person pronounsai andmi.

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June 2, 2018
In just three minutes, Dolly explained to audiences how we use our sense of touch to help us hear and understand speech.
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Welcome to the Yale Linguistics Department, an intellectually exciting community where coursework and cutting-edge research focus on the problem of understanding the human capacity for language. Students, postdocs, and faculty work individually and collaboratively, using traditional methods of inquiry and new interdisciplinary tools, to characterize and explain the range and limits of human linguistic diversity.I invite you to explore our website to get a sense of the Yale Linguistics community.

Bob Frank, Professor and Chair


Dow Hall (370 Temple St), Room 204 PO Box 208366 New Haven, CT 06520-8366


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Registrar, Office Manager Tel: (203) 432-2450

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